Each photo I take is a tiny piece of my soul. You will find the beauty that makes my heart beat. The worlds sorrows that forever ache my bones. The cool winds that shape my sugary smile. The sparkling demons that never let me sleep. The waves of the turquoise ocean that is forever calling me away.

Portrait And Editorial Photographer Based Out Of Louisville Kentucky, Available For Travel.


Photographer | Gabrielle Colton

Makeup | Matt Goodlett

Hair | Matthew Tyldesley

Model | Stephanie Johnson

Music: Forever You Said by Peter Gundry





For 500 years my people have been suffering.

Everything was taken from us to build this country, our ancestors lives, our languages, our dignity and our traditions.

Our tribes were torn apart and everything we loved was ripped from our arms.

For the past 500 years we have been rebuilding, re learning our languages, bringing back our traditions, and ridding our lives of the European influence of drugs, alcohol and segregation constantly hindering our people.

And finally, in 2016 we are together again, thousands of indigenous people from tribes all over the United States are coming to the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, in North Dakota, to fight a pipeline that is threatening the lives of our grandchildren and destroying our mothers natural resources.

For the first time in 500 years we are back together again, we are building teepees together, singing traditional songs together, praying together and taking back the sacred that was stolen from us so long ago.

After this war is over we will forever be changed, we will be stronger than we have ever been, we will be together forever.

-Gabrielle Colton

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